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Personal Development Coaching/Workshops/ Retreats

Dr. Nathanial Hearne and Mrs. Callie Hearne are known for successfully facilitating Personal Discovery, DE&I, and Team Building Workshops and Retreats. 

Their work with Talent Coaching, both with individuals and teams, has demonstrated significant improvement in the lives of those they have coached and mentored. The participants are inspired to change the world using their gifts, abilities, and vision to impact those around them positively.


Each Workshop:

  • Is divided into four 60-90 minute modules
  • Can be delivered in a day or over multiple sessions, in-person or virtually
  • Includes customized materials, exercises, and discussion
  • Includes pre-work and post-work to enhance and reinforce learning

Personal Development

Develop a foundational understanding of talents and how the unique combination of talents affects motivation, relationships, decision-making, and more. Through tailored exercises and discussion, we highlight what each person brings to the table and explore steps to continue the development of their talents.

Team Dynamics

Apply the foundational concepts and common language from Personal Discovery to your team’s development, interactions, and outcomes. In this highly interactive workshop, we focus on communication, conflict, and collaboration based on your group’s unique talents, challenges, and goals.

It was not until my most recent workshop by Dr. and Mrs. Hearne from CoreClarity, that I gained a much deeper understanding and appreciation for my strengths. It was, hands down, the greatest professional development experience in my 27 years as a professional!”

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