Street Sweepers


The Street Sweepers are a group of Christians who have experienced the correctional / penal system. Dr. Hearne provides mentorship and Bible Study each week to The Street Sweepers at Coffield Prison, helping them grow in faith, and learn how to deal in a biblical way, with the challenges they face.

Many of them are still serving time in a Texas penitentiary. Some will never get out. Some will eventually reintegrate into society and have vowed to use their stories to better their community. They want to use whatever influence God gives them in order to teach others that the streets and gangs are no place to live a productive life.

The goal of the Street Sweepers is to provide Christian support and accountability to one another, to use their stories to reach those who are on the outside to encourage youth and adults to make good choices so they don’t end up incarcerated. “Keeping the Streets Clean” is their motto.