Lincoln and Andrews Schools


Lincoln School and Andrews High School Project

Dr. Hearne grew up in Andrews, Texas. His first school was Lincoln School. It was functioning from 1950-1961. Later, Dr. Hearne attended Andrews High School.

Dr. Hearne and a committed group of Lincoln / Andrews alumni are dedicated to preserving the stories, memories, and history of those whose lives were impacted by these two schools.

The 1960s and 70s were a difficult time in West Texas. School integration, community tension, and racial factors all helped shape the young men and women of Andrews into who they are today.

The Lincoln School / Andrews Alumni are in the process of gathering stories from people who were students at one or both of these schools. If you are interested in contributing to this compilation, please contact us at

There are commemorative Fighting Yellow Jackets t-shirts available for purchase. All proceeds go toward further developing the legacy and history of Lincoln School and Andrews High School.



A photo of Nate's sister, Evelyn, from the Lincoln School archives

A photo of Nate’s sister, Evelyn, from the Lincoln School archives

Old Photo Lincoln School