Leadership Training Guide

Every person is called to lead.

Everyone will leave a legacy.

How you lead, and what legacy is left when you’re gone will be determined by the intentionality of your actions.

In this 7 session study, Dr. Nathanial Hearne uses leadership principles, combined with his own experience as a coach, teacher, administrator, and pastor, to guide you toward stronger character development and leadership qualities.

Sessions include:

  • Defining A Model for Success
  • Determining How to Assess Character
  • Dealing with Conflict and Hidden Agendas
  • Dismantling Fear in Ourselves and Others
  • Dispersing Life into those Around Us
  • Demolishing Strongholds
  • Developing A Legacy of Excellence

Character and leadership are not determined at birth. They are molded and shaped by the examples around you, who you look up to, and what you choose to believe, do, and say.

Join Dr. Hearne on this journey to becoming a stronger influence on those who are looking up to you as you develop positive qualities of character in yourself.

This Leadership Study can be done individually or in a group setting and is an accompaniment to Dr. Hearne’s book Friday Night Lights: Untold Stories from Behind the Lights.




Leadership Study ISBN: 978-0-9911511-5-8