Coffield Prison Ministry

Dr. Hearne works directly with prisoners at Coffield Correctional Facility for Bible Study, mentoring, and to help them transition well into society following their release. He also mentors the Street Sweepers, a Christian men’s ministry at the prison. They spend time reading the bible and doing memory verses each week.

Once a month Coach is able to take in a little something like donuts or Kolachies. Its amazing the simple things we take for granted, but wow… to see tears swell up in a man’s eyes after taking the first bite and he looks at you and says, “That is amazing, I have never tasted anything like this.”

It’s those moments when you know you have a chance to impact this person’s life not only in a tangible way, but also in a spiritual way.

Your gift to this ministry will help us provide study materials and mentoring services to prisoners.


*Financial help to supply workbooks, paper, CDs, and videos

Coffield Prison Chapel

This is an image of the Coffield Prison chapel, where Dr. Hearne mentors inmates each week.